HR Consulting Services – What can we do for your company?

Think of our HR consulting services as an investment for your company. We will ensure that your employment policies and procedures remain in compliance with current local, state and federal laws and regulations. Unlawful policies can be costly to unsuspecting employers.

Harassment Investigations

The #MeToo Affect

Sexual Harassment is nothing new, but thanks to the #MeToo movement, it has never been in the forefront like it is today. Many employers don’t have the resources to investigate harassment claims and often a neutral outside investigator is required. Manitzas Trueman HR Consulting Services will conduct an impartial and thorough investigation of not only sex harassment claims, but harassment claims based on race, national origin, age, disability, and other unlawful factors.

EEOC Discrimination Charges

Don’t go it alone.

Whether you had forewarning that there was an issue with an employee, or a discrimination charge comes out of the blue, a well thought-out response must be based on knowledge of the statute at issue. Manitzas Trueman HR Consulting Services has the knowledge and experience to prepare your statement of position to the EEOC, and guide you in preventing a retaliation claim on top of the initial claim.

Union Grievance Responses & Collective Bargaining

A whole different ball game.

Dealing with unions and working under a collective bargaining agreement brings a whole different dynamic to the employment relationship. Manitzas Trueman HR Consulting Services has vast experience in working with unionized employers, including responding to union grievances, acting as employer representative at grievance hearings, and assisting in union contract negotiations.

Unemployment Insurance Claims

Why fight an unemployment claim?

An employer’s claims rate is one factor in the determination of its annual unemployment tax rate, so even one claim will negatively affect an employer’s bottom line. Manitzas Trueman HR Consulting Services handles all aspects of unemployment claims for employers, including responding to initial claims, filing appeals, prepping witnesses and outlining testimony to be adduced at hearings, and acting as the employer’s representative at the appeal hearing before the Texas Workforce Commission.

Employee Handbooks and Policy Manuals

An employer’s first line of defense!

Every employer needs an Employee Handbook that sets out the company’s policies and procedures, including rules of conduct to refer back to when issuing discipline. An acknowledgment of receipt of the Handbook, signed by the employee, is a must in refuting unemployment claims, discrimination charges, and wrongful termination lawsuits. Agencies, courts and juries want proof that the employee knew of the rule or policy violated which led to termination.Manitzas Trueman HR Consulting Services can prepare a Handbook and Policy Manual tailored to your business.

Disciplinary Write-ups and Termination Reports

Documentation can make the difference!

An effective, consistently enforced disciplinary policy can save employers money in fending off claims, charges and lawsuits. One of the biggest mistakes an employer can make is not addressing and documenting infractions as they occur. Manitzas Trueman HR Consulting Services can help with all your documentation needs, including preparation of your disciplinary write-ups and termination reports and/or training your supervisory staff in the proper documentation of employee violations of policies and procedures. Documentation can make the difference between winning and losing.

Supervisory Compliance & Harassment Training

It is imperative that supervisors and managers be aware!

Employers can be held liable for supervisory misconduct, even if the employer did not know of the misconduct. It is imperative that supervisors and managers be aware of, and familiar with, the various employment discrimination statutes and of the company policies they are responsible for enforcing. Manitzas Trueman HR Consulting Services provides compliance training for managers and supervisors, including harassment prevention, in one-on-one or group settings.

General HR Advice

We can help!

Do you know your Reasonable Accommodation obligations under the Americans With Disabilities Act? Do you know your obligations under the Family & Medical Leave Act? Do you know that you can and should run FMLA concurrently with a workers comp absence if it is a covered condition? Do you know that you should keep all of your I-9s together in a separate binder? Do you know that you need at least two personnel files for each employee because all medical documents must be kept separate? Have you ever wished you could pick up the phone and ask someone these types of questions? Well you can. Manitzas Trueman HR Consulting Services is a phone call away. We are here to help.


Manitzas Trueman Consulting Services does not provide legal services and advice.

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