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Our HR Consultant and Unemployment Claims Specialist will assist you in assuring compliance with employment statutes and in prevailing in your unemployment claims. Employers who take a proactive approach on the front end in these matters will come are better on the back end when claims and employee issues arise.

Today’s workplace can be a minefield of potential pitfalls for employers. From unemployment claims, to harassment complaints, to discrimination charges and wrongful termination lawsuits, employers must be vigilant in complying with employment discrimination statutes and in documenting employee misconduct if they hope to prevail in such cases.

Our goal is to improve your chances of preventing and/or prevailing in such claims, by being proactive in the implementation of your disciplinary policy and in assuring your compliance with applicable employment statutes.

Whether you want Manitzas Trueman Consulting Services to serve as your HR department, or as backup support to your HR department, or to help train your current Human Resource employees, our HR Consultant and Unemployment Claims Specialist can help!


In today’s workplace, many employees wear multiple hats. Office managers are often tasked with HR duties, yet they have no knowledge of the various employment statutes or how to implement them. This is how employers get into trouble! Between the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act alone, there are countless ways employers can get tripped up. Manitzas Trueman HR Consulting Services is knowledgeable on the employment laws and statutes that affect your business and your bottom line.

What We Do   


We work with employers in a vast array of industries, providing one-on-one HR services to our clients. The fact is, it’s a lot easier to avoid employment issues by being proactive than to ignore good HR practices and clean up the mess afterwards. Wherever you fall on that spectrum, Manitzas Trueman HR Consulting Services can help you stay out of trouble – or get out of trouble – as the case may be.

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Manitzas Trueman Consulting Services

Debra Manitzas Trueman

Human Resources Consultant – Unemployment Claims Specialist

Debra Manitzas Trueman


HR Consultant/Unemployment Claims Specialist

Debra Manitzas Trueman is President of Manitzas Trueman Consulting Services, Inc. She has more than three decades of experience in helping employers with their HR issues. Debra started out as a Labor and Employment Paralegal before establishing Manitzas Trueman Consulting Services in 2014. She has long-time business relationships with many of her clients, some of whom she has worked with for 10 to 20+ years.

Debra has extensive knowledge of the various employment statutes and legal regulations affecting today’s employers and provides sound, honest advice to her clients. She has handled hundreds of unemployment claims on behalf of employers; has conducted numerous harassment investigations as an independent outside investigator; and has extensive experience in creating employee handbooks and policy manuals tailored to the client’s business. She handles EEOC discrimination charges, conducts harassment training for supervisors and non-supervisory employees, implements the disciplinary procedures for many of her clients, preparing all of their disciplinary writeups and termination reports, and provides a host of other HR functions.

Debra provides general HR advice, and many of her clients call her before they take any personnel action to make sure they do it right the first time. She has clients who she deals with on a weekly basis, and clients she only hears from when they’ve got a serious issue. She will provide as much or as little HR assistance as the client wants. For some clients, that means that she is their HR department, for others, she is there as-needed. She is always a phone call away.


Debra is a San Antonio native and a UT graduate. She is also a novelist, whose fiction series featuring attorney Samuel Collins was inspired by her work as a paralegal. She writes mystery and action romance, always with a thread of humor. When she’s not keeping employers out of trouble or writing novels, Debra is devoting time to her family, and to pets and wildlife in her community through her long-time affiliation with the Hollywood Park Humane Society.

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